Ypsi Thrive New Short Play Festival
September 28-30, 2017
Riverside Arts Center, Ypsilanti
Tickets $12 - to reserve email pencilpointtheatre@gmail.com
"The Creative Process" by Dana Clark-Brock — Directed by Megan Wright
"The Law Makers" by Danielle Wirsansky — Directed by Michelle Weiss
"Alban's Garden" by Rich Espy — Directed by Lili Bishop
"Misfortune" by Mark Harvey Levine — Directed by David Galido
"Somewhere Between Lost and Found" by Colby Halloran — Directed by Susan Morris
"940 Feathers" by Tim Brennan — Directed by Peter Knox
"End Scene" by Megan Biaschak — Directed by Kelly Rose Voigt



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More than 400 plays were submitted to Pencilpoint
Theatreworks first annual Ypsi Thrive New Short Play
Festival and we're excited to announcethis year's line-up
with 7 of our reading committee's favorites including 2 by
Michigan playwrights.  Thank you to all the playwrights

who made submissions!